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Hey, I am Christof Damian. I have been doing now since 1996. Before that I did the DeRave mailling list for parties in Germany.

I am from Germany. I am currently living in Barcelona and work for a German company as programmer. Before that I lived for eight years in London. This probably explains the information that is on here is mainly from these places, but you can change that. Just start editing.


[edit] Interests

My main interest in music is obviously Techno. My favorite artists are Sven Vaeth, Richie Hawtin and Magda. I am very much club orientated and prefer mix cds to individual tracks. I have a rather large collection of mp3 files, cds and cassettes (which I plan to convert to mp3s too).

[edit] Favourite Sets

  1. Sven Vaeth HR3 Clubnight 24.8.96
  2. Sven Vaeth HR3 Clubnight 12.10.96
  3. Sven Vaeth HR3 Clubnight 21.12.96
  4. Motik Flux of Monotony

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people who got evicted from the Ski Club Great Britain. Also running on my server and eating my bandwidth
linux weekly news 
very good linux news site
bcn wiki created by me to collect non party related information about Barcelona