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Sonar 2011

This is (A Techno Wiki).

Here you can find information about Techno in Barcelona, Germany and London.

The website is using a wiki software like wikipedia, this makes it possible for anyone to change pages and to update information. You can edit most pages right away, or you could create an account at the User Login page to start adding and changing information.

There is also a small archive of photos, flyers and links. And a directory for clubs and DJs.

twitter: @krasscom
facebook: fan page

I have updated to a new version of the mediawiki software and moved it to a new server. This means that is probably a bit slower and some special characters might show up wrong.

I have also kept the interface similar to the standard mediawiki one, which makes it easier for people who are used to wikipedia.

Barcelona | Germany | London

directory : photos | flyers | clubs | djs | labels | links , Search

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