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DJ Motik

Motik seems to be something like a totally normal lawyer apart the fact that he looks much younger than he is (30). Actually he is a lawyer, but if you hear him playing the weirdest combinations of advanced electronica you believe more in his new career plans which are travelling around the world as a professional tennis umpire. HipHop on 45, Advanced Techno backwards or some scratching and beat juggling? Come and see. Besides his residency at Maquina (Depot Tuebingen) he now supports Claus Bachors Psycho Thrill (Camouflage or Sensor Club, Cologne) at a regular basis. Style: Advanced Electronica such as Elektro, Tech-House, Detroit/Experimental/Advanced Techno,...

Motik was also one of the authors of ouk magazine.

[edit] Alltime-Top 15

  1. Blake Baxter – The Prince of Techno - UR
  2. Kool Keith/Dr.Octagon/Dr.Doom – Almost everythingf – Copasetik ect.
  3. Quadrant – 1.1 - Basic Channel
  4. Robert Hood – The Protein Valve - M-Plant
  5. Klangstabil – Böhm, Gott der Elektrik - Megahertz
  6. Promoe – Off the Record - Street Level
  7. Meng Syndicate – Sonar System - Hithouse
  8. Bollock Brothers – The Faith Healer - Charly
  9. Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) – Cutting
  10. Q-Bert – Wave Twistas – Galactic Butthear
  11. Grandmaster Flash & the Furios 5 – Scorpio – Sugarhill
  12. Denmarque – Silver Saw – X-Off
  13. Masta Ace – Born to roll - Delicious
  14. Electric Indigo – Skyway – Experimental
  15. Das Ich – Gottes Tod – Danse Macabre

[edit] Clubs

42 dp Koeln, Red Dog Stuttgart, Ultraschall Muenchen, Kitt Club Koeln, Art-Theater Koeln, Camouflage Koeln, Sensor Club Koeln, Side-Hotel Hamburg, Cinderella Tuebingen, Wabun Reutlingen, Die Grube Siedlingshausen, Großer Baer Stuttgart, Unbekanntes Tier Stuttgart, Atrium Reutlingen, Sudhaus Tuebingen, Green Underground Goeppingen, Limited Reutlingen, Zelle Reutlingen, Depot Tuebingen, Rhadost FX Prag, Nexus 6 Schorndorf, Musicland Stuttgart, Vibration Club Forst, THC Stuttgart, M1 Stuttgart, Stockwerk 1 Reutlingen, S 35, Parkhaus Kenzingen

[edit] Gallery