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Richie Hawtin @ Time Warp 2005
Richie Hawtin
twitter @rhawtin
aka Plastikman

Richie Hawtin (born June 4, 1970) is a Canadian associated with Detroit techno's second wave of artists who helped to change the face of electronic music along with peers Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, Stacey Pullen, John Acquaviva, Daniel Bell and others. Hawtin is most known for his haunting minimal works under the alias Plastikman. Other works appear under the aliases F.U.S.E, Concept 1, From Within, "Up!" and more. He is also known for DJing minimal techno sets that are enhanced with equalization tweaking.

He currently runs the M_NUS and Plus 8 record labels.

Although he was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire in England, Richie Hawtin is from LaSalle, Ontario, which is a suburb of Windsor, Ontario. He spent part of 2002 and 2003 living in New York City, and has since moved to Berlin, Germany.


[edit] Discography

  • F.U.S.E.: Dimension Intrusion, 1993
  • Plastikman: Sheet One, 1993
  • Plastikman: Musik, 1994
  • Richie Hawtin: Concept 1 96, 1998
  • Plastikman: Consumed, 1998
  • Plastikman: Artifakts, 1998
  • Richie Hawtin: Decks, EFX & 909, 1999
  • Richie Hawtin: DE9: Closer to the Edit, 2001
  • Plastikman: Closer, 2003
  • Richie Hawtin: De9: Transitions, 2005

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