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Hi there, I found your page via . I'm just on the search for a calendar-system for our webpage. How did you do yours? Is this Calendar part of the official MediaWiki? Is the license stuff known by now? Is there a change that I can create a calendar like yours (and something listing activities for the next 7 days or so), which won't get it's data via pages that link to the event but by categories inserted into the articles? That way around my users just have to edit one page rather then editing their page and adding a link from the aproriate date-page afterwards.

Many thanks, Jan

btw. This is the first time I saw a rss-feed within a wiki. I shouldn't hangout on wikipedia that much.

you can find more information on the calendar at: . that doesn't do the categories bit at the moment, but maybe its an idea for the future --Christof Damian 18:39, 28 July 2006 (CEST)