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DJ born 1968 in Brighton.

the "Baron of Techno"

[edit] Top 10 (April 2005, no order)

  • 65d Mavericks "Suffering" (Pure Plastic)
  • Oliver Ho "Layers ep" (Meta)
  • Mr. Velcro Fastener "Gone Mad" Transparent Sound Remix (Electrix)
  • Ignition Technician "Work it" Original (Notorious North)
  • Motor "Junker" (Novamute)
  • Savas Pascalidis "Heartbreaker" (Gigolo Records)
  • DJ Valium "Energy Low" (Iron Oxide)
  • Adriano Canzian "Acid & Perverse Dream" (Gigolo Records)
  • Paul Bailey "Niman" (Veto)
  • Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search "Oxygenating EP" (Audiosculpture)

[edit] Mix CDs

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