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Born and grown up near of the German Capital Berlin Chris Voss pretty early got in touch with the Electronic Music Culture.

It was love at the first Beat.

So he started Djing at the sweet age of 11 years, using an old ghetto blaster and tapedecks. During the following years he got deeper into the art of Electronic Music and the fast growing party scene. His fascination with electric sound increased with every new track he listened too.

At the End of the 90s Chris Voss moved to Cologne where he started playing in different Clubs. From this day his journey led him all through Germany where he played in: Frankfurt, Bavaria, Thüringen, Düsseldorf, Limburg, Kempten and many more.... Some of his highlights are gigs on the famous festivals: Nature One, Ruhr in Love and the LunaPark Festival.

Chris Voss not only does Techno, he lives it!!

Whether it is House, Electro, Techno, Minimal or Techouse, his style of music is individual, playful and transmits fun and enthusiasm to the audience.

A set from Chris Voss is like a rollercoaster ride, thrilling, breathtaking and full of surprises. The only thing you can grab is the legendary groove he creates which has to be experienced first hand to believe.

Cologne/ Bonn - Germany

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