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Here are some pics [ttg94_01.jpg up to ttg94_12.jpg] of 
The Tribal Gathering'94 rave organized by Universe on 
1st October 1994 at the Old Airport Reim in Munich/Germany.
Hi-Color or True-Color video cards _HIGHLY_ recommended! :-)
And sorry for the quality of the scanning, the contrast and colors
aren't very good :-(

A short description of the stuff :

     ttg94_01.jpg   ==  The laaarge entrance of the Old Airport
                        Riem. Very spectacular! :-)
     ttg94_02.jpg   ==  Hmmm.. I dunno where it was. Maybe in the
                        room Mother Earth which wasn't announced
                        on the official flyer.They did a nice gift :-)
     ttg94_03.jpg   ==  The great airplane in the Starship dancefloor!
     ttg94_04.jpg   ==  Robot-man. I think he was at Energy93 and 94 
     ttg94_05.jpg   ==  The merchandising room. The central point of
                        the location.
     ttg94_06.jpg   ==  The house room. In fact it wasn't house till
                        3am but slow-acid :-) Very hot and crowded!
     ttg94_07.jpg   ==  Another 'surprise' gift from Universe:
                        some Virtual Reality game attraction! There
                        so many people around in the big hall that
                        I couldn't try it ! :-(
     ttg94_08.jpg   ==  Some very cool dancers in the Tribal Temple
                        room, dancing on the incredibly good set of
                        Miss Gayle San !
     ttg94_09.jpg   ==  The ambient/chill-out room. A large room...
     ttg94_10.jpg   ==  The chill-out room again. There were enough
                        comfortable sofas and mattress.
     ttg94_11.jpg   ==  Some German ravers :-) Maybe from Sven's
                        family, eheh ;-) (Sven Vaeth was raving at
                        the party and not dj'ing)
     ttg94_12.jpg   ==  Arghh, don't think I want to show you how
                        cool I am (not :-), it's just to let you see
                        how you can chill-out at the Oktoberfest at
                        12am! ehhehe :-) Btw, I'm the stupid one 
                        at the left...

Massive Thanks to the Universe for organising the best party of the
year !!!
Special thanks to the photograph:
'Bronxman' Stevan Duric / 24 Av. Dumas / 1206 Geneva / Switzerland
(he asked me to put his address :-)
and hello to Kajetan, Syncros, the English ravers, Terrorist and the 
ones of the Geneva Posse who attended the party!!

     Psyched /// Planet-E rave E-zine editor //

ps: If you spread these pics, please join this description file.

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