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BERNY is a Dj & Producer from Padova, Italy.

He started his career in 1998 when he moved from Rome to Padova. He quickly got a personal style mixing & composing different music styles.

His music is at the crossing of House and Deep Techno with strong Acid and Funk influences, and now he's considered amongst the Top of the new wave of Deep House DJs in Italy as long as he keeps himself away from the commercial trend of the today Italian House scene.

After his début in 2004 on the major Italian Dance Label Air-plane Records with the track "Black Moon", reaching first positions on Steve Lawler's BBC1 Essential Mix, Berny started to focusing in collaboration with his mate Guru on Deep House and Tech House productions, creating some of the most interesting tracks in the past few years like “Choose One” Ep on Seamless Recordings back in 2009 who gave him immediate respectability between Deep -Tech insiders.

Early highlights includes a well respect Remixes like the one for Robert Owens on Seamless Recordings and the fresh “Visit Brooklyn” Ep for Oscar P and his Open Bar Music Label.

As a first sign of bigger things to come Berny just signed in this brilliant 2010 important works like the release of his second Seamless Ep in collaboration with Spiritchaser and Dolls Combers called “No Way To Run” Ep, the dancefloor killer track “I Guess You Know (Dance)“ including Kruse & Nuernberg Remix together with the smash single “Shplatten” out on Aenaria Recordings with a massive pack of Remixes like ones from F.Sonik (VIVa Music), Joy Kitikonti (Nervous), Jon Silva (Pesto) and Evren Ulusoy (I Records). Enjoying a wide range of support and with a long waiting list for tracks and Remixes Berny have absolutely no reason to slow down, and more Deep works are of course forthcoming, stay tuned.

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