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Spacewoodstock review for planet.e by Christof Damian

     The Space Woodstock
     What; Space - Woodstock
     Where; Ypsilon Idar Oberstein
     When; 4th March '94 22pm till 6th March 12am

     Here are the basic info about the rave:

     Space Woodstock
        4.3. 22:00 - 6.3. 12:00 [35 DM !!!]
        Ypsilon Idar Oberstein Hotline: 069/425928
        Music on 4 floors, 1000000 Watt Light, 25000 Watt Sound/floor,
        sleep & chill area

     DJs: Kid Paul, Marusha, Paul v. Dyk, Dag, Miss Djax, Tanith,
          Dr.Motte, Gizmo, Tom, Andy Duex, Milk DJ Team,Shoot DJ Team,
          Dick, Pascal F.E.O.S., T.Uhrmacher, Hoschie, Marco, Roland
          Casper, Nelson, Ruberhead, Hooligan, Dr.AGO, Guid van Fink,
          Steve Pointdexter, ATA, DJ Dark, Scot, Posse DJ Team, Robert
          Grand, DJ T, Mark Rakkuhn, Dark Raver, Clean, PCP, Toshie
          Hadaschie, Toys, O-Dex, Fonzie, Moguai, Sanes, Sakin
     PAs: Appregiators, Resistance D, Cybordelics, Hardsequenzer,
          Komakino, Lunatic Asylum

        On friday some friends of mine, a boy and two girls picked me
     up here in Tuebingen. They had a car and it was a fast trip.
     We arrived at about 22:00, the doors had just opened and the line
     was not to big. The people at the door searched my jacket and my
     backpack, but there was not problem, they didn't had problems
     with my Guarana and my camera.
        The building is a big supermarket on normal days. We entered
     at the highest floor (trance and house), I think under the week
     it is a kind of C&A or something like that. It is a big flat room
     with only few lighteffects and PA only on one side, so there is
     enough room to talk and relax. What I didn't like directly was
     the large number of merchandising-ppl, there were a lot of club-
     wear, record, ... shops.
     And some people selling food and drinks. One floor under this
     floor is the main club, the Ypsilon it is a real club all of the
     week, so they didn't changed anything. It has a _real_big_
     lightsystem, but the soundsystem was just average. On this floor
     there was the place where you could leave your clothes, when I
     droped my jacket and backpack, they had no tickets left, so I had
     to wait about 1/2 of an hour. After this I went down to the chill
     out floor. I really liked this one, it had two rooms with soft
     carpet. One of the was in dim light, the other in black-light,
     there was a DJ playing very smooth trance and new-age music, so
     it was the best place to relax. The lowest floor was in the
     parking place, it was called the "hardcore floor" and they played
     Hardcore, Gabber and Breakbeats most of the time, here were some
     shops and you could get something to eat.
        When I went in at 22:00, had droped my things, I saw the DJ-
     lineup sticking at one of the walls, it was printed on a A4-paper
     and you had to stand right in front of it to read the tiny font.
     What I saw first was: "Steve Pointdexter - top floor - 23:00,
     Miss Djaxx - top floor  - 2:00". So I knewed my destination and
     danced my ass off. Steve played a very hard House-set, I loved
     it. Miss Djaxx played very hard Acid-Hardcore, not very good for
     dancing, but real quality-music.
        I met some people from Stuttgart and met a new boy, who was
     standing right on my side, when I realised that the ground was
     shaking from the people jumping. So we talked a little bit and
     decided to leave the rave at noon to get something to eat and
     enjoy the sun. At 10:00 I decided to get my backpack, but when
     I arrived at the Ypsilon, I realised that they closed it and
     wouldn't let me in. I used some tricks, and finally I got my
     backpack and left the rave with 7 of my new friends. We took two
     cars and found a place on a hill, where we could relax in the sun
     and listen to some music. This was the best part of the whole
        We went back at about 16:00 and the rave was full of garbage,
     the Ypsilon was still closed. I was not able to find out who was
     playing where, so I was in the house/trance-floor most of the
     time. In fact they weren't playing any house or trance music at
     all, but a set like the ones you can hear it in all the german
     clubs right now, I think the DJs were local DJs, at least I
     didn't recognized them. I started to walk around to find a nice
     place to stay, but it was really awful. Finally I found a raver
     from Stuttgart, which I knew from the
     Love-Parade-Oz-Bus, who said that he would leave at about 22:00
     to Stuttgart (he wanted to got to the Splash-Club), so decided
     to go with him, but I lost him and I had to wait at the entrance.
        The entrance hall was very empty, which suprised me, until I
     saw that they closed the door and would not let anybody in, the
     place in front of the building was full of ravers, which had
     paid and left their jackets in the building, they were cold and
     waiting for about 3 hours. Finally I found my friend and we left,
     he dropped me at 3:00 at the Red Dog Club in Stuttgart, because
     I really needed some more Deep House music.
        I don't know if you realize, what I want to say, but its
     basicly: "it sucked !!!". They had the best DJs, a very good
     place, the best ravers in the best mood, a good sound system,
     good light, best weather, everything. And they destroyed it all
     with bad organisation, the security people were just stupid
     (sometimes they opened only one normal sized door to the Ypsilon,
     and everybody had to walk in and out through this door and there
     where 3 doors left !), too much money-makers in the place, no
     lineup-list available anywhere (after the first four were ripped
     off the wall, because you couldn't read them without a lens
     anyway), no trashcans (0 - zero - nooooone), ...
        I think this was my last big rave, I am more into clubbing and
     small raves, and now I know why ! Love Parade is an exception,
     but Love Parade is an exception in every aspect anyway !

        I hope I could give you some of my feelings, its difficult to
     discribe it in words, even more difficult in english.

        Maybe I should mention that I took no drugs on the whole
     weekend, I drunk no alcohol. I only took some coffee and Guarana
     to stay awake.

        Maybe someone can write a review of the next Mayday, because
     it would be nice to compare. Techno music is getting real popular
     in Germany right now and I think there will be about 25000 people
     on Mayday. I think now there is a dimension reached,where raveing
     is not that much fun anymore, because of people making money with
     it. We got our Techno-Stars (Sven Vaeth, Marusha, Tanith, Marc
     Spoon, ...), we got techno-clothes, ...lets sell it ! I am really
     into house music now, because it is a small comunity with happy
     people and small clubs, but I hope there will something grow out
     of techno, which is more than the average 2-Unlimited listener
     can cope with, something for your mind not for the money of other

     But keep on raving anyway, because I know "we can make things

        Rave on

                 Christof - Tuebingen, Germany

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