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click here for Sónar 2006

During Sonar festival there are a lot of parties in the local clubs. Check out the Barcelona page for general information.

Here is a list of all the parties we know of, the information is usually from their websites or flyers. If you want more information about the clubs click on the club name. Same goes for the DJs and artists. If you end up on a page that has no information yet, it allows you to add text to that artist.


[edit] Monday 13th June

[edit] Tuesday 14th June

[edit] Wednesday 15th June

[edit] Thursday 16th June

[edit] Friday 17th June

[edit] Saturday 18th June

[edit] Sunday 19th June

[edit] Monday 20th June

if you know more about the dates or acts, feel free to edit this page. And if you have pictures of an event don't hesitate to upload them here or send them to Christof Damian.

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